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  1. National Railway Museum

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    Here are some wonderful examples of hand lettering found at the National Railway Museum in York.

    Apologies for the quality of the images as I was only using my iPhone at the time. But if you are interested, it is definitely worth a visit and it’s free entry! A great day out all-in-all.

  2. 19th Century German Type

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    These beautiful specimens of German type by the Buchdruckerei und Schriftgiesserei Wilhelm Gronau foundry are remarkable.

  3. The Making of The Comedy Carpet

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    The Comedy Carpet is a beautiful typographical ‘carpet’ that spans across Blackpool pier.

    The typography is so large that it can be read from the top of the Blackpool Tower.

    At first sight, the Comedy Carpet looks as if the text is painted. In fact, each of the 160,000 letters is made of 30mm solid granite cast into high-quality concrete panels. Given the unusualness of the project, its complexity and scale, no one company was able to produce the work in its entirety so Gordon had the challenge of producing the work in-house.

    For further reading about the Comedy Carpet, please click here.

  4. Sanborn Map Typography

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    Some very beautiful and elegant typography from the early 20th century. I wish that companies still produced work to this high standard.

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