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  1. Sean Wes


    Some wonderful hand lettering by the type designer Sean Wes.

    There’s plenty more over on his website, which is well worth a browse.

  2. National Railway Museum

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    Here are some wonderful examples of hand lettering found at the National Railway Museum in York.

    Apologies for the quality of the images as I was only using my iPhone at the time. But if you are interested, it is definitely worth a visit and it’s free entry! A great day out all-in-all.

  3. The Walls Have Ears

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    The Walls Have Ears is a beautiful mural and the brain child of the London creative collective team Bread.

    To find out more about this wonderful project, check out their Tumblr page.

  4. Glenn Wolk

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    Currently loving the vintage style of the New York based designer Glenn Wolk.

    His vintage hand lettering makes it feel truly apart of the packaging and adds to its uniqueness.

  5. Hey Jude

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    A lovely project by the Italian designer Stefano Agabio.

    The project is a beautiful homage to The Beatles song Hey Jude. It was an experiment with typography and Pantone markers.

  6. Tom Gilmour

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    Currently loving the work of the London based illustrator Tom Gilmour.

    It is clear that Tom’s style is heavily influenced by old school tattoo design. His penmanship and detail with the type blends seamlessly into the illustrations.

  7. Floating Calligraphy

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    A great little project by the Los Angeles designer Eric Waetzig.

    Sunday morning I was in the mood to paint a little. I found a nice piece of glass in my back alley with this awesome huge break in it and figured it would be fun to paint on. The lettering itself isn’t anything amazing but I thought the way the light was hitting it was really cool looking. From the right angle it almost looked like the letters were floating in mid air. It was a happy accident so I thought I would share the pics. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

  8. Hugo Moura

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    We simply had to end the week with the beautiful calligraphy work of the Portugal designer Hugo Moura.

    I only write words because I love letters.

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