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  1. Tolga Girgin

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    Some truly beautiful calligraphy by the Turkish typographer Tolga Girgin.

    It is definitely worth looking at the other wonder work on show.

    tolga-girgin-05 tolga-girgin-04 tolga-girgin-03 tolga-girgin-02 tolga-girgin-01
  2. Airship 27


    We are extremely excited to release our first official typeface, Airship 27, on the We Work for Them website.

    It is currently available to buy via You Work for Them.

    We have many more releases planned and we just wanted to thank you all for your support to the website so far.

  3. Sonar Script

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    Sonar Script is a beautiful modular typeface that has been inspired by a strip of paper. As the ‘paper’ folds it creates this stunning continuous line.

    It has been designed by the German designer Felix Braden and is available as a free download via Flood Fonts.

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